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The Spanish Association of Accounting and Business Administration (AECA), a non-profit organization, was founded in 1979. It actively contributes to the development of studies and research in the Business Studies field with the aim of improving management techniques and levels of information in business organizations.

AECA’s members, in their entirety, represent the professional, academic and research bodies in the Spanish Accounting and Business Administration world. At the present moment AECA has almost 4,000 individual members and more than 600 institutional members. Included in these figures are representatives of various Latin American, European and North American countries, of which those with the greatest number of members are Portugal, Venezuela, Peru, Mexico, Colombia, France, Canada, Germany and the United States.

In order to achieve its aims, AECA carries out the following activities:

Business Research

The different Study Commissions, which work as specialized bodies, are responsible for issuing opinions and judgements, analysing scientific and professional problems and contributing to the creation of an independent view on economic, accounting and financial issues.

Representatives of the most important organizations and institutions in the professional, academic, and business fields, who are interested in business management techniques, can be found in the different Commissions.

At the moment, there are five Study Commissions, which are responsible for the following areas: Accounting Standards and Principles, Management Accounting Standards, Organization and Systems Standards, Finance and Business Appraisal Standards and Accounting History Standards. The creation of a sixth Study Commission is planned in the area of Public Sector Accounting and Management.

In order to encourage research and comments in these areas, each year AECA calls for papers for the AECA prize for Originial Short Articles about Accounting and Business Administration.

Organization of Congresses and Professional Meetings

AECA holds several Congresses and Professional Meetings, of which the main aims are to discuss the research carried out by AECA and bring together business practice and theoretical and scientific findings. The exchange of ideas between theory and practice, is highly satisfactory and enriching for both parties. Likewise, with the aim of encouraging collaboration between Universities and Companies, AECA organizes a series of Grants for university students in their final year of study.

Publication of Statements and Diffusion of Technical and Professional Information

Members of AECA recieve copies of all documents published by the Association and information concerning national and international professional, academic and business activities.

AECA’s main publications are:

Development of an Accounting and Business Administration Data Base

By means of INFOAECA, an on-line communication and information system available on INTERNET, AECA offers its members an up-to-date data base which consists of international academic and professional references of abstracts and papers in those areas of study which are of interest to the Association.

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